Record Phone Calls Using Vonage

by on July 11, 2006

Q: I have Vonage for my home phone service. It connects my phone through the cable modem. Is there a way to record my telephone conversations with this kind of setup?

A: I’d suggest going over to and download a program called Cain. Once you have the software installed select the “Sniffer” tab and then select the “VoIP” tab. The program will directly capture & save the phone calls to your hard drive. The program saves the outgoing audio in the left channel and the incoming on the right channel.

There is, however, one catch with this program. Your Vonage adapter and your computer have to be on the same network and connected together by a hub not a switch. If you do not know the difference between a hub and a switch or how to tell them apart please stay tuned as we will be answering that question shortly.

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    Your instructions say to “…select the “Sniffer” tab and then select the “VOIP tab. In between “Sniffer” and “VOIP” tab I understand I need to add an APR entry. When attempting to do this Cain returns a message telling me that I need two hosts to set an APR entry. How do you configure Cain with a single VTech IP8100? It seems that I need two routers? Help!


    Hi, Chris.

    I was also looking for a solution to record my Vonage calls.
    Now I am using MiaRec ( and I highly recommed it.
    It is very user-friendly and stable.
    And, what is very important to me, the support is very quick and professional.


    The instructions I read stated that two routers were teh requirement. I *assume* the Vonage device I have acts as a router (as it supports my two lines internally, 1 voice and 1 fax.) I followed the steps here: and after hooking my vonage router directly into my primary home router, the thing worked perfectly (and free!). good luck!


    You could also try – it does the same sort of thing only much easier – works from any phone, too…


    In reference to the instructions using Cain, I do have a router which feeds to my PC and my Vonage box. However, the IP for my DLink router and my vonage box are not in the same IP range. So when I do the MAC addr serach, it will only pick up my main router and not the Vonage box. I have tried to change the IP range setting witin Cain, but it automatically reverst back. I also tried changing my Vonage box IP and boy oh boy did that cause a half day mess and did not work well. Any other tips?


    Any suggestions on which program I can try with a Vonage box and an iMac? The programs listed here are for PCs.