Difference Between a BlackBerry and an iPod?

by on July 15, 2006

Q: What is a Blackberry and how does it differ from an iPod?

A: A BlackBerry is a wireless, handheld communication device that first came to market in 1999. Manufactured by Research in Motion of Waterloo, Ontario, Canada, this device attained successful notoriety because of its push e-mail capabilities. Push e-mail makes messages instantly available in devices that support an “always on” capability as opposed to pull e-mail where you would have to log on to check your messages. Coupled with its innovative text keypad which enables you to “thumb” messages quite easily, the BlackBerry makes it possible for roaming employees to stay in touch and friends and acquaintances to communicate back and forth. Anywhere you have access to an appropriate wireless network; you can take advantage of the many wireless services offered by the BlackBerry device. In addition to e-mail, the BlackBerry offers text messaging, internet faxing, web surfing and in more recent models, cell phone and two way radio capabilities.

Since its original release in 2001, the iPod has emerged as one of the world’s most popular consumer brands. Created and marketed by Apple Computers, the iPod functions as a portable media player (PMP) capable of storing and playing music and videos and an external data storage device, which makes you able to store text files too. The iPod works in sync with iTunes, special software that allows you to upload files and maintain a library of these files on your PC or Mac.

Currently, the iPod family consists of the fifth generation iPod that can also play videos, the iPod Nano with a color screen, and the iPod Shuffle.

A BlackBerry functions more as an instantaneous communication device designed for people to participate in distant dialogue. When you think of it, it is more like a phone when you realize that the service is obtained through a cellular phone company. An iPod on the other hand is more of a portable entertainment device to listen to music and watch videos. You cannot send information from one iPod to another the way you can with a BlackBerry.