Delete Attachments From Messages In Outlook

by on July 22, 2006

An Into Tomorrow listener submitted the following question!

Q: How do I delete attachments from email messages in Outlook? I would like to keep my original email message but I would like to be able to remove attachments that I don’t need to save hard drive space.

A: While the user specifically asked for how to do this in Outlook this is something that can be done in most email clients.

First you will want to find an email with an attachment that you want to delete. You will then need to open the email by double clicking on the email. Once the email is opened you will want to right click on the attachment and you will get a menu that will include a “Save” and a “Delete” or a “Remove” option along with other possible options. In Outlook you will need to close the email and then you will be asked if you want to save the changes.

2 Responses to “Delete Attachments From Messages In Outlook”

    If you are using Micrsoft 2007 and the attachment is in the body of the email, the delete option does not appear. Is there another way to delete attachments from the body of an email in the new version of Microsoft 2007?


    Does this happen for all attachments?

    I am wondering because I know some email clients do what they call “inline attachments” and those are not really attachments but are actually part of the email and I don’t think you can actually delete those attachments.

    So it might be an issue with the person who sends you the attachment. So you might want to try to have someone else send you an attachment or use a yahoo or gmail account and send yourself a test attachment to see if it is actually a change in office 2007 or if it is just that the person who sent it did the attachment as an inline attachment.