Video Messaging Playback Is Choppy

by on July 27, 2006

Q: I am trying to improve video performance for Video Messaging because it is very choppy; even with normal video playback is choppy too. I have upgraded my video card from 8MB to 128MB and my RAM from 128MB to 512MB. I have also upgraded to 80GB hard drive with a fresh install of Win XP. I am using cable Internet with an average speed of 2MB/se. I have a 500MHz AMD K-6 3D Processor in the computer and am unable to video to play back smoothly. Is there anything else that I can do besides get a new CPU/computer?

A: Unfortunately my response to you is going to be that you upgraded all the wrong parts. Video playback, be it on from a VCD, DVD, or netcam is a very CPU intensive process. The reason for this is that the video from all these sources is compressed so your CPU needs to uncompress them along with piece them together with the sound and play it on your monitor.

My advice, if someone were to ask me before upgrading a system, would be to research the tasks you believe you would like to do. You need to take the time to research what it is that you would like to do on your computer. In doing so you will not spend money on pieces of hardware or software that wont help you get to your final goal.

Since your question is after you have already put some money into your older system there are a few things you can try but your mileage will very. First you can try and make sure as few processes/computer programs are running as possible. Look at your task manager and try to stop anything and everything that you possibly can. Second run the normal utilities on your system like scandisk and defrag. The last thing you want to do is browse around your system information and make sure you have hardware acceleration as high as possible along with virtual memory setup and all those little tweaks.

On a side note, just to add a little more data about upgrading computer systems, it is very important to understand that video memory is only going to effect 3D video games and high end graphics programs. These games and programs are written in such a way that they actually off load some of the work that the CPU would do onto the video card (GPU, Graphics Processing Unit). I say this because I noticed the first upgrade that was done was to the video card (at least the first upgrade listed) and because of the name it seems the most logical but that is not the case. Stay away from very expensive video cards unless you are doing 3D games or running software you know will use the video card.

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    Thank you for the response. I am what you might call a “don’t ask for directions” kind of guy and thought I could figure it out on my own. Obviously I was wrong. I think I’m just going to take my losses and get a new board and cpu. Still not too expensive, too bad I could have done that for less the cost of upgrading RAM/Video Card/etc. Thanks again! That was a very fast respose!!!


    You are very welcome William. We hope you find the perfect computer out there at just the right price! Let us know if you have any questions about your new computer when you get it too.