Combine 2 Partitions

by on August 2, 2006

Q: I was using the Vista beta and had set up a dual boot with XP on my single hard drive that is on the small side. I have since finished playing with Vista and have reformatted the 2nd partition of the hard drive but I am trying to convert them into the same partition again. When I use Partition Magic to merge the two partitions (C and D) I get an error message saying the NTFS versions do not match. Is there a way for me to merge them back together?

A: Unfortunately at this point your only option to get one full partition back on your drive is to perform a full format. Partition Magic is a useful program but it won’t allow you to combine two existing partitions if different file systems exist. Backup all your necessary data onto disks, then reboot the computer with the XP CD in the drive, and follow the on-screen instructions. It will list the available partitions, at which point you can delete all but “C”. Then choose the “C” partition to install XP, and it will prompt you to format.

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    Is it possible to backup my minesweeper scores?


    And its not possible to format my D partition to the same NTFS version in any way? Even if its difficult I’ll do it.


    You might be able to just clear out the D: partition then go into windows disk manager and have it extend over the emtpy partition or you might be able to do it in partition magic as well. You just need to completely blow out the D: partition though.


    I had Windows 2000 and tried to install windows xp professional. Everything seems to have loaded ok except when I run the diagnostics DTS short test fails. Everytime I try to boot i get “error loading operating system”. I think when I installed my external hard-drive which I use for storing music I partitioned my hard-drive and that’s keeping me maybe having enough space for xp to load? I don’t know how to remove the partition since I can’t even boot up the system. I can F12 when system is trying to load and go to one time menu boot, but I can’t boot with hard drive.


    hey, i have this problem here. How can i combine this two partition in mac? The partitions are “Macintosh HD” and another partition which i name it “Untitled”. please, i really need to solve this to install windowns in mac. =[