Moving A Hard Drive From One Computer To Another

by on August 2, 2006

Q: My son fried his motherboard on his Sony desktop. We purchased another Sony (exact same model) and need to move his information from his old hard drive to the new computer. How do we do it?

A: Because the motherboard is fried, you will need to remove the hard drive and install it into a working computer (or the new one you just bought). Because this is a detailed process, take a look at CNet’s guide to installing a new hard drive.

2 Responses to “Moving A Hard Drive From One Computer To Another”

    Hi i have taken apart a cmputer with a 40 gig hard drive in it and taken it out i want to no if i can put it in my computer with the other hard drive in there and how to do it?
    if you could help that would be great


    Paul, the instructions are similar to the ones we link to except you do not have to install anything. You just need to take your drive an install it in the computer as a slave drive.

    You will need to refer to the website of the maker of your hard drive to get instructions on how to do that. If it is a newer hard drive then just putting it in should work as well.

    I hope this helps.