How To View A .psf Image

by on August 9, 2006

Q: What is a .psf extension? My sister-in-law sent me some old pictures that she scanned and I cannot open them with MS Picture Manager, Adobe, Paint, HP Picture Manager, Acrobat Reader, and MS Word. I’ve tried everything. Please help.

A: Thank you for letting us know these are pictures and that your sister scanned them. As it turns out there are a few pieces of software that generate .psf files but that extra information makes the answer very simple.

The file was generated by software by ArcSoft. You can either use ArcSoft PhotoStudio to view the files, there is a fee for this software, or you can use XnView, which is free. Please note that the XnView site is not the easiest site to navigate but you will want to select which country/language you want, then go to the download page for XnView, select your operating system, and then you will want to select the complete version of the software. This should allow you to convert the image to a file format that is more reasonable like jpg.

Good luck and enjoy all the photos!

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    Thanks so much!! I googled the same question and got a host of nonsense forums. Your reply not only answers the question but resolves the issue!! Again, MERCI!!


    Thank you also – saved me HEAPS OF TIME! 🙂