Laptop Processors – Intel vs. AMD

by on October 13, 2006

Q: Cost aside, what is the difference between Intel centro duo and AMD 64X2? Which is better?

A: Reviews of laptops running these CPUs seem to indicate that the Intel equipped laptops are getting higher marks both in battery life and overall performance. The newest Intel mobile CPUs available right now which Intel calls “Intel Centrino Duo Mobile Technology featuring the Intel Coreâ„¢2 Duo processor” appear to also be an even greater improvement over AMD’s offerings with faster performance and lower power consumption.

All that said, there isn’t anything terrible about AMD’s Turion X2s. Since most laptop manufacturers only build laptops with either AMD or Intel processors, if you find an AMD equipped laptop that you really like, don’t automatically take it off your list. It’s important to remember that with laptop computers you can usually only upgrade the RAM and hard drive, you’re stuck with everything else for the life of the machine.