What Processor Is Equivalent To The Intel Pentium IV

by on October 14, 2006

Q: What processor is considered equivalent to the Intel Pentium IV chip; the AMD Sempron, Intel Celeron or AMD Athlon?

A: The phrase “Pentium IV or equivalent” is thrown around a great deal, especially in the system requirements listed on the back of PC software boxes. Unfortunately, with Intel and AMD both rolling out new lines of processors with radically different names all the time, keeping track of everything is no easy task.

The Intel Celeron and AMD Sempron are both budget CPUs designed for activities like web browsing, word processing and e-mail. The Intel Pentium IV and the AMD Athlon are both performance CPUs for running intensive programs like games. In addition, Intel and AMD keep track of the speed of their CPUs a little differently. If a program were asking for a “2.0Ghz Intel Pentium IV or equivalent”, the equivalent AMD processor would be an AMD Athlon 2000+.