What Is HD DVD?

by on October 18, 2006

Q: What is HD DVD?

A: HD DVD is the latest trend among video equipment manufacturers. HD DVD’s are similar to regular DVD’s except they will play High Definition Video.

There is a problem right now with high definition DVD players, and it’s around the fact that there are two separate standards being developed and sold to the general public (which coincidentally are not compatible with each other).

HD DVD is a standard backed by various major players in the field, and there’s another standard called BluRay, which is backed by some heavy hitting companies as well (Sony being the biggest one, who is using BluRay in their upcoming PS3 video game console).

You may recall something similar happening when VCRs first became a major consumer item. The Beta and VHS wars resulted in a lot of people losing money on a standard (Beta) that was eventually crushed in the market place. There is some hope that manufacturers will solve the problem by incorporating both BluRay and HD DVD lasers into their reading products, however time will tell how this plays out in the market place.