Mailer-Daemon “does not like recipient”

by on October 21, 2006

Q: I have tried for a very long time to find the new email address of a friend. I cannot locate a phone number for him, and when I send an email to his old Yahoo address, I get a mailer-daemon that says “does not like recipient”. What is another approach to look up email address (for free) and what does the mailer daemon mean by this?

A: The “Mailer-Daemon” is a mail server and in this case it is the mail server at Yahoo. What it is telling you is that the users account no longer exists. What happens with Yahoo, if you have a free account, is that your account will get deleted if you do not check it for 3 months. So chances are what happened is that your friend did not check his email and his account has been removed.

Unfortunately there is no easy way to look up someone’s email address, other than search engines. What we mean is some people belong to mailing lists or have their own websites. They put their name, email address, and other identifying information on their website or in the mailing list. You can then use search engines like Yahoo, Ask, and Google to try to find these people by searching on their name.

I have managed to find distant relatives and friends by some careful searches, however if their last name is relatively common (i.e. “Smith” or “Brown”) then the chances are slim that you will find them.

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    In some cases the person doesn’t want to be found and closes the account.For whatever reason some people don’t seem to want lasting friendships online.Some of these people play with you online,giving you the impression they want a real friendship,but they don’t and are wasting your time.Always beware people who won’t give you a valid phone number,wether home or cell,make up excuses about giving you a number,try to prolong online activity such as chat but don’t want to go beyond it.I hope you found your friend,but many people I know have never heard from people again.In some cases it’s for the better since we are turned free to find new friendships.People can really be
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