How Can I Hide My Computer Cables?

by on October 24, 2006

Q: How can I hide all my computer cables, DSL modem, etc. Some sort of basket or ceramic piece?

A: What you can do to hide your cables will depend on how your desk is setup. Some desks come with handy trays that stick on underneath which allow you to route cabling around while keeping it tucked up and hidden.

If your desk does not have cable management built in, then a nifty option is to purchase some split wire loom (See here for an example of the types available: Basically you wrap this over your bundles of cables and it gives it a more finished look (as opposed to a rats nest of cabling).

As for your DSL Modem and other peripherals, you can hide them in whatever you want. Whether it’s a cabinet/hutch on your desk, or like you said in a basket. Be creative and play around, just make sure you leave an opening for heat to escape if it’s a small container/box.