Can Someone Intercept My IM Conversation?

by on October 30, 2006

Q: Recently when I was chatting with my brother on Yahoo messenger a guy irritated me. I asked him how he got my Yahoo messenger name and his response was to start showing me all the conversation between my brother and me. Could you please explain how it was done and if there is a remedy?

A: We are going to assume, for the sake of answering this question that your brother is not playing a joke on you by passing this information to one of his friends.

So our next step is to look at the following:

1. Do both of you have an anti virus product installed? Is it up to date? If the answer is YES/YES please run a full scan of your system.

2. Are both of you running a software firewall? Did you notice any odd traffic going through at the time?

3. Check for rootkits using the following tools:

If you are an experienced user (really, an expert in how a system operates) I also recommend looking at your system with IceSword to go through your ports and kernel hooks.

If you have been compromised with a Rootkit, it’s time to backup critical files offline and perform a total wipe/reinstall of your operating system. Once breached, you have no idea how many other doors have been opened.