Installed Memory – Now My Computer Does Not Work.

by on October 31, 2006

Q: I tried to add memory to my PC and now it will not boot up.

A: When you purchased the RAM did you make sure that you bought the right speed and type for your computer? When installing RAM it’s very important to ensure these specifications are exactly what your motherboard requires (This information is readily available in your motherboard manual, or the manufacturer’s website).

If in fact you did have the right RAM; were you adding to RAM already in your system or replacing what you had with new chips? It’s good policy to always fill a bank (two slots) with the same RAM (size, speed, brand).

One other thing to check is that the ram is seated properly. Make sure the clips on the side of the RAM slot are pushed out when you slide the chip into the slot. You should feel the chip slip in with easy (but firm/even) pressure on the top of the chip. Take special care to make sure you are putting it in the proper way; you will see slots in the card edge of the RAM that will line up with plastic “bumps” within the RAM slot.

One Response to “Installed Memory – Now My Computer Does Not Work.”

    Lately every time I tried to access “My computer” on my Sony VAIO computer, it does not work. The computer gets frozen and I have to turn off and on again to get it work. Despite this, if I have an internet screen on it keeps working for a while. Why is this happening? Can this be fixed?