LLMetrix Wrapper – To Block Or Not To Block

by on November 6, 2006

Q: Our antivirus software has a message that pops up to tell us LLMetrix Wrapper is trying to access the internet and recommends that we permanently block it. What is LLMetrix Wrapper and should it be permanently blocked?

A: I can’t locate any information on LLMetrix Wrapper within my security references and sources, however it’s always a good idea to block anything that’s trying to access the Internet (such as this is) without your previous consent and acknowledgement.

I would block this indefinitely, until (and if) such a time arises you realize something isn’t operating as it should (Automatic updates aren’t being received, virus definitions and so on). If that occurs, simply open your firewall application and remove the rule that is blocking LLMetrix Wrapper from connecting to the Internet.