Difference Between A USB Flash Drive And A Floppy Disk

by on December 11, 2006

Q: What is the difference between a USB flash drive and a floppy disk?

A: A USB thumb drive/flash drive uses Flash RAM to store data. Flash RAM, also sometimes called flash memory, is a computer memory chip that can have data written and rewritten to it without a constant need for power. Since the flash memory has no moving parts it is considerably faster to transfer data onto and off of than a floppy drive.

The flash memory that resides within a USB Thumb drive isn’t as susceptible to magnetic interference, environmental temperature, moisture, (Well ok, don’t take it into the tub with you) and over all is a more resilient architecture.

The floppy disk is a magnetic disk that rotates inside a plastic outer shell of the floppy disk. The floppy disk is considered antiquated in this technology age because it has moving parts, does not hold much data (wont even hold a mp3, and if you were to put the disk in your pocket chances are you would lose your data because of the disk bending.

Lets face it, the floppy drive is slower, much more prone to damage and loss of data, and frankly they just aren’t as cool to use!