Multiple Computers Sharing One Internet Connection

by on December 18, 2006

Q: We have a computer that is connected to a broadband Internet connection and I am thinking of getting a computer for my room but I want both of the computers to be able to access the Internet. If I get a router, is it possible to be paying for one Internet connection while having two computers use it? Also will a router split the half the speed to each computer?

A: A router will allow you to easily share the single connection between two computers (or even more if you want). It will not cut the Internet speed in half, however you will be in contention for the bandwidth if both of you are using it at the same time.

For example, if right now you download at 1000Kb/s when you are plugged in. After you install the router, you will still download at the same speed. However, if your computer and the other computer are both downloading from fast sites you might both see around 500Kb/s throughput.

For the most part you won’t notice a difference unless both computers are downloading heavily. Even then with today’s broadband speeds it shouldn’t affect you too much.