Options For Internet Security

by on December 19, 2006

Q: What other programs besides Norton Internet Security provide online privacy protection – keep your email address, or other information from being sent?
Many sites try to snag your email or other information, the privacy part of NIS blocks this. Do any other programs block this?

A: Most of the major anti virus vendors have packages similar to this. McAfee has a 10-in-1-protection package you can try that provides similar protection.

On another note, you should be aware a lot of these security suites are very resource intensive and invasive to day-to-day PC activity. My recommendations for a clean system with minimal expenditures is:

1. A nice lightweight antivirus solution (My preference is Nod32 from ESET Software). Set it up to update every few hours, and schedule nightly automated scans of your system.

2. A software firewall (Zone Alarm, even the free edition works well) that’s configured to block traffic you didn’t initiate.

3. Surf behind a router (and don’t use the DMZ mode on routers, it negates the protection it offers you) with limited (or ideally no) port forwarding.

4. Download and install Spybot Search and Destroy. Once it’s installed, update it off the servers and then proceed to immunize your PC and scan for spyware. Do this weekly. (Note: Spybot is free)

That should provide a safe surfing environment, while keeping the bloat ware off your system.