Free Utilities To Convert PowerPoint Presentations To Video

by on December 26, 2006

Q: How can I play a PowerPoint presentation as a movie without buying any products? I would like to convert the PowerPoint presentation to a video so I can burn it to a DVD and watch it on my TV using a DVD player.

A: There is a utility from Microsoft called Microsoft Producer that’s free. It does exactly what you are looking to do by converting it to an MPEG, which you can then use any DVD burning application to convert and burn the video so that it plays on a standalone player.

The only requirement is that you are a licensed user in either PowerPoint 2002 or PowerPoint 2003.

One Response to “Free Utilities To Convert PowerPoint Presentations To Video”

    I’ve seen several entries that also make this claim. Having downloaded Microsoft Producer I can see no way that it could be used to covert a PowerPoint presentation into MPEG.