Received “You’re infected” E-mail

by on December 26, 2006

Q: On my Yahoo webmail I received an email simply saying, “You’re infected”, no originating address or any other information. I deleted it. Was this the best procedure to follow? What do you suggest I do in this kind of situation?

A: This is a SPAM mail that likely was trying to exploit your browser through JavaScript or other embedded code. Typically these messages will have a reference embedded that’s undetectable (such as a single pixel of white) that also points to some nasty code on a server somewhere on the Internet.

With that being said, Yahoo should strip this kind of attack out of the message provided it’s not a “Zero Day Exploit”; meaning that the attack is brand new.

As always delete messages from people that you don’t recognize (especially those without a subject line that makes sense) without opening them. Keep your computer free of viruses and spyware with regular updates and scans, and continuously patch your Windows system with the latest security updates. Combine all of that with a software firewall and a router (if you are on Broadband) and you should be able to limit your exposure while surfing the Internet and checking your e-mail.