Setting Up A Laptop Email Client For Multiple Locations

by on December 27, 2006

An Into Tomorrow listener submitted the following question!

Q: I take my laptop with me to work and when I try to send e-mail using Microsoft Outlook I have to change my outgoing mail server since my job has a different ISP. When I get home I have to change it back so that I can send mail from there. Is there any way to keep from having to constantly change my outgoing mail server?

A: Yes, Microsoft Outlook has a feature called ‘profiles’ which can take care of this problem. You can read more about it, including instructions at this web page.

2 Responses to “Setting Up A Laptop Email Client For Multiple Locations”

    im just trying to figure out how to send mail from my computer when i am…say at a friends house. i tried using their outgoing server, for example but it dosnt work. what am i not doing right?



    The problem is you are using their account, which requires a username and a password to send and receive e-mail. You need to use their isp’s mail server.