Artifacting While Playing 3D Games

by on December 29, 2006

Q: I am having a lot of problems with my games artifacting (pieces of the graphics staying on the screen when they should not). I took it to a local tech, but they promptly uninstalled most of my programs and told me that would fix it. Well it might have, but I couldn’t use my computer without my programs so I reinstalled them. I have updated my graphics drivers but that did nothing to help the problem either.

A: One of the biggest causes for artifacting in games is overheating, especially if it is happening with many different games. Make sure the cooling fan on your video card is spinning, and that the video card and other components are free of dust. If you are still having a problem, you might want to try running your PC with the side open and having a box fan blow air into it. If you still notice a problem then the card may be defective. Try another video card or contact the manufacturer if the card is still under warranty.