My Laptop Is Running Really Slow

by on January 5, 2007

Q: My laptop is running about 5x slower than when I purchased it 3 years ago. It gets slow especially when running a DVD or browsing multiple websites. It was top of the range when I purchased it: Pentium 4 1.8Ghz with 512Mb ram. What can I do to make it faster?

A: There are a few things you can do to increase performance on your system:

1. Go download Spybot Search and Destroy (Please note this application is free, there are some unscrupulous sites found when Googling Spybot that try and sell it to you). Install the application, run a full online update in the application then run it against your system. Remove any spyware/adware that you may have (likely lots).

2. Ensure your AntiVirus is updated to the latest revision. Run a full system scan, remove anything identified by your anti virus provider.

3. Defragment your hard drive (Right click on your C: drive letter in “My Computer” -> Select “Properties” -> Go to the “TOOLS” Tab -> Click “Defragment Now”.). This will make a very big improvement to your load time performance.

4. Go to “START” -> “RUN” and type in (without quotes) “msconfig”. Hit enter and a window should pop up. Click the STARTUP Tab and look at what is configured to run automatically when you start your computer. Remove things like the Acrobat utility and other applications that you don’t need to start every time you boot (this only serves to slow down the PC when booting, and if it’s something that isn’t used all the time it wastes memory).

5. If all of these options don’t help enough, you may want to consider upgrading the amount of RAM you have in your system. Having at least 1 gig of RAM can mitigate most performance issues on computers.

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    Many a times, Laptops are running in low power consumption mode activating Speedstep – which can make your system run really slow at the cost of saving battery life