Copy My Favorites In IE To A New Computer

by on April 10, 2007

Q: I need a way to move my favorites from one computer (Windows XP Media) to my new computer (Windows XP Pro).

A: The good news is that the process of saving your favorites/bookmarks in IE is simple and so is getting them into your new computer.

If you are using IE 7+ you will want to click on the favorites add button, where you would add a new favorite (This is the yellow star with the green plus). You will get a drop down and you will notice that you have an option of “Import and Export…”.

If you are using IE 6 or older then you want to click on the “File” menu and if you look down near the bottom of the drop down you will see “Import and Export…”.

If you click on “Import and Export…” you can then easily walk though the wizard that Microsoft provides for you to save your favorites. I would suggest making sure you pay attention to where you save the file that will be exported; you might want to just put it on your Desktop since you will want to e-mail it to yourself to get it on your new computer.

Now once you have the file on your new computer, emailing as an attachment is probably the easiest way, then you will want to, on the new computer, go to “Import and Export…” where you will want to select import. You will have to find the file and import it and then you will be all done!

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    thank you. good stuff and helpful.