VHS To DVD Converter

by on April 25, 2007

Q: Is there a device that I can use to record VHS tapes to DVD?

A: There are several devices that will allow you to convert your VHS tapes to DVDs. The easiest way to convert you VHS tapes to DVD would be to purchase a DVD Recorder/VCR Combo. Essentially this is a console that has a VHS VCR and integrated DVD recorder. It will allow you to copy materials from your existing VHS cassettes to blank DVDs without purchasing any additional equipment or software. Please note that there are DVD/VCR Combos that have simply a DVD player and do not have the ability to record DVDs. Please make sure that the device you choose is capable of recording to blank DVD media.

About.com has detailed information on some of the most popular DVD Recorder/VCR Combo consoles currently available to consumers.

If you are computer savvy, or if you need to edit any of your video before it is burned to DVD, different equipment will be required. You will need to purchase an Analog Video Converter or Video Capture Card (which will come with video editing software) and a DVD Burner if your PC is not equipped with one. Essentially the Analog Video Converter or Capture Card will take the video from your VHS cassettes and convert them to digital data that your PC can interpret. Once the video has been converted and saved to your PC’s hard drive, you can edit the video and burn it to a DVD from your computer.

Essentially the process will work like this:

  1. Connect your VCR to the Analog Video Converter
  2. Connect the Analog Video Converter or install the PC Capture Card to your PC and install the accompanying drivers and software if necessary (follow the instructions included by the manufacturer)
  3. Play the VHS cassette while the Analog Video Converter converts the data to a digital format and saves it to your PC’s hard drive
  4. Edit the saved video
  5. Burn the edited video clip to DVD

About.com has a detailed list of some of the available Analog Video Converters and capture cards available on the market.