What Is An Integrated Database?

by on June 19, 2007

Q: I have heard the term “integrated databases” used on a couple of occasions. Is there a common definition/understanding out there of what this is?

A: There is no specific or succinct definition of the term Integrated Database. Different companies, research firms, and organizations all use the term Integrated Database to describe a number of database types. The most common Integrated Databases that I discovered while researching this question were academic databases for both reference and research. Several universities or research organizations will use the same database design and platform and they design search tools that can search all of the databases for a single topic simultaneously.

LexisNexis is an enormous database of public records, unpublished opinions, forms, legal, news, and business information pulled from various sources. It is very popular in the academic community and a good example of a database integrating many types of information from a multitude of sources.