What Does OCR Mean

by on June 25, 2007

Q: What does OCR mean?

A: OCR stands for Optical Character Recognition but OCR is really a process of taking an image and converting it into text so that it can be edited and searched. Most scanners now come with OCR software, which will allow you to scan a document straight to text, Word, or PDF. The purpose of this is so that the document can be edited or searched without a person having to retype it. There is also software that will take an image, such as a jpg, gif, tiff, or some other image and will convert that to text as well.

OCR software is not perfect and during the conversion process some words or letters will be left blank so a human always has to review the document and make some changes. It is still much faster than retyping an entire paper, in case you printed it and forgot to save it.

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