Backing Up iTunes Music

by on June 27, 2007

Q: What are my options for backing up iTunes music? I am especially worried about my purchased iTunes music.

A: The first option for backing up your iTunes music is to back it up to CD or DVD if you have a CD or DVD burner. You would do this by going to “File” -> “Back Up To Disc…”. From here you will have the option of selecting “Back up entire iTunes library and play lists” or “Back up only iTunes Store purchases”. These two options either let you backup all your music or just the music you purchased from iTunes, respectively. The next option applies to both of these and it lets you just backup the new files from the last back up. This option is called “Only back up items added or changed since last backup”.

The downside to backing up to a CD is that you will only be able to get about 150 or so songs on each CD. A DVD will allow you to store considerably more songs at about 1,000 songs. For people who have lots of songs the best alternative will be to get an external USB drive that supports one touch backup. I suggest one that supports one touch backup because if you get a large enough external hard drive you can backup your entire system at a press of a button instead of just backing up your iTunes library.

For those that want to just backup their iTunes library you would want to connect your USB drive and then drag and drop your iTunes library onto the USB drive. This process will take a little while depending on how large your library is. If you are unsure where your library is then select “Preferences” -> “Advanced” and under the general it will tell you where your music folder is.