Installing a Longhorn Server Image

by on June 29, 2007

Q: I have an ISO file of Longhorn Server on my hard drive and I would like to install it without burning to a CD. Is that possible?

A: In order for you to install the version of Longhorn Server you downloaded in ISO format, you will have to burn it to a CD. You must run the installer application on the CD so that it can copy all of the necessary Operating System (OS) files to their designated directories on the hard drive of your PC. It is not possible to apply the OS to the hard drive of your PC directly from the ISO file for a few reasons. Many of the files on the installer CD are compressed and need to be decompressed and copied to various directories on your hard drive during the installer process; the installer also needs to detect the hardware on your system to install the appropriate drivers and system components so that the OS can run. If you do not go through the installation process, you will be unable to run the OS.

Provided that the ISO is bootable, once you burn it to a CD you will be able to run the installer and install Longhorn on your PC. If it is not a bootable image (which is becoming increasingly rare for OS releases) you would need to boot up your PC with a boot disk and run the installer application from the command line.