Synchronizing Website Data

by on June 29, 2007

Q: I would like to know if it is possible for my website to be updated when I update information in a software package on my computer. For example, if I update the shipping status of an order in my software is it possible to have that then go and update the information on the website so when the customer comes and looks at it they can see the new status?

A: The great thing about computers is that most thing are possible they just take time, planning, and in this case a lot of know how.

Since you already have a solution in place for keeping track of your business data it would make sense to do what you are asking, having a way to update your website by way of your local software package. This is, unfortunately, a complicated thing to do because you might want to, at some point, let your customers update information on the website and then you would also have to put in place a method for getting the data from your website to your software package on your computer.

This should not be too difficult, depending on the software package and what data you want to transfer, for a web programmer with some experience. There are many firms out there that do this, just make sure you do a little research because some are better than others. Get a few quotes and when doing so remember that you get what you pay for. This does not mean you should over pay but if most people are saying the job will cost $1,000.00 and someone offers to do it for $150.00, chances are the $150.00 is going to be more problems than it is worth.

Now for everyone else who is thinking about starting a business that wants to have some type of web integration, you might want to think about web based solutions, especially if you travel a lot. This will allow anyone to have access to the information via a web site. Mobility in today’s business world is something that really should be taken into account when making any software decisions.