Recording from an Analog Device to a Laptop

by on July 10, 2007

Q: I need information on how to get an analog signal from my turntable and cassette player into my relatively new Toshiba laptop. The input jack into my computer is mono but I would like to get the signal to come in stereo, is there another alternative?

A: The easiest way to add stereo input to your laptop would be to purchase an external USB sound card. There are a wide variety of external USB sound cards, and a very wide price range depending on the features you need. Once you purchase one, you simply plug it into one of the USB ports on your laptop, and then plug your cassette player, or turntable into it. This will enable you to record from your analog devices directly to your laptop.

The SoundBlaster company makes a few external USB sound cards including the Sound Blaster Live! External Sound Card.