Low Cost Animation Software for Students

by on August 2, 2007

Q: I am a schoolteacher and I would like my kids to create web animations like the GIF or flash animations I see on the Internet. What software is needed to create such animations and are any of them free or cheep?

A: There are a multitude of free and low cost animation software packages available. Unfortunately, not all of them are easy to learn for adults or children. Here is a very thorough list of animation software tools that are free or have a free trial period. Some of the industry standard tools, which would be great to teach kids to use, will require the purchase of a license and documentation. Some of the tools are intended for professionals and may be more difficult to work with. You will have to download several of the tools and determine which ones your students will be able to use with relative ease.

Some of the more expensive software packages that are used heavily in the industry like Flash and Maya also have special education pricing. You may be able to purchase them for use in an educational setting at a substantial discount or get special versions for free. You will want to visit the manufacturer’s web sites or contact their support teams for additional information.