Connecting Wireless Headphones to an iPod

by on August 7, 2007

Q: I just bought wireless headphones (SONY MDRF925RK) but I was disappointed to discover that there is no way to do a USB connection on it, which means I cannot connect it to my iPod or to my computer. The headphones come with RCA (white and red wires) only, which allow me to connect them to my TV/Stereo but not to my computer or my iPod. Is there any way to use an adaptor to connect it to my iPod?

A: The easiest way to connect your Sony MDRF925RK wireless headphones to your iPod would be to use a converter. If you purchase a Mini Stereo to Dual RCA Female adapter you will be able to connect your wireless headphones to the headphone jack on your iPod and to the headphone jack on your computer’s sound card. These converters are usually found at stores like Radio Shack, Best Buy, or Circuit City and generally cost less than $5. If you are presented with a variety of these converters you will want to choose one from a reputable brand. Cheaper audio cables can affect the sound quality.