Sharing Video Via Email and the Web

by on August 8, 2007

Q: I want to make available for viewing a video (home video) in an email. What is the simplest way to accomplish this? I would also like to have available the same video(s) on a website.

A: If you would like to share your home videos with friends and family via email you can simply attach the video file to an email message and send it to the intended recipients. This is acceptable for small videos but your email provider may not accept file attachments over a certain size. You should contact your email provider to find out what the size limit for an email attachment is before you attempt to send it. When sending large attachments via email you must also consider the recipient’s ability to retrieve large attachments. If the person you are sending the video to connects to the internet via a slow DSL or dial-up connection then retrieving the attachment will be difficult and time consuming for them.

If you have a video file up to 100MB in size you can share it with other people using Senduit. This handy web-based application allows you to upload a file, set an expiration date, and share a download link with the people who you would like to retrieve it. This way they can download the file in their own time. It is free, easy to use, and you don’t have to worry about returning to the site to delete old files because they have set expiration dates.

If you would like to upload your video to a web site and share it with friends and family you can upload it to Once you’ve created a free account you can upload the video and restrict access to it so only friends and family can see it.

There are other web sites that allow you to share video like Dropshots and iFilm. You will have to choose the one that has the features you need to upload and share your video easily.