Connecting a Mac to an Encrypted Wireless Network

by on August 10, 2007

Q: I am trying to get a Mac with OS X to connect to a Dell 2300 true mobile router. I keep getting an error message about the password not being correct and an error connecting to the network. I know the password is correct as I use a laptop to connect to the same router. I was told by the person the sold me the Airport card that it was a security setting on the router but do not have a clue as to what to look for.

A: The issue that you are having is indeed an issue with the security settings on the router. Your PC and router are able to communicate because the security settings on the laptop match the security settings on the router. Essentially, the Dell TrueMobile 2300 router and the Mac must be configured with the same security settings. Essentially you will need to connect to your router and determine if it is set up to use WEP or WPA encryption, both of which are supported by the router. Once you figure out the type of encryption the router is using, you must duplicate those settings on the Mac so it can communicate with the router. Dell has provided detailed instructions on setting up both WEP and WPA encryption. Use these instructions to determine how the router is configured, then follow Apple’s instructions on joining an encrypted wireless network to configure the Mac. Once you are able to determine the network settings on the router, you should be able to configure the Mac’s wireless settings to match.