Cell Phone Signal Booster

by on August 15, 2007

Q: I was listening to Into Tomorrow with Dave Graveline and heard them talking about a cell phone booster for weak signals, like dead spots in your home. I wanted to know more about the product and where I could find it.

A: We all have areas of our home or work where your cell phone just will not work because of a weak or non-existent signal. Some people have it worse off where they have to stand near windows to get a signal and yet others are lucky and only have a few spots that won’t work. In either case chances are, if you have a spot that your phone won’t work and you know about it then it is a spot where you wish your phone would work. We all know there are a lot of fads out there where you can stick a sticker that looks like a computer chip on the back of your phone or on your battery and it is supposed to boost your signal. I am not sure who came up with this but I am certain there is no way it can do anything useful.

The product Dave Graveline, from Into Tomorrow was talking about is the zBoost signal booster from Wi-Ex. What it does is it repeats the good signal you get by having you place a receiving device in an area where you get good signal, like outside near the roof, inside near a window, or in the attic. You then run wires to a device inside your home in an area where you want the cellphone signal. You will certainly want to visit their site and read the zBoost – How It Works page for more information and to find out if the product works with your service in your area. Cell phone providers use different signals in different areas so they have a link to a page that helps you find that out so you get the right product. We hope this helps and if you get one let us know how it works out for you!