Yahoo Messenger Cannot Connect

by on August 23, 2007

Q: I’m having trouble with Yahoo Messenger and my webcam. I downloaded the latest version of Yahoo Messenger and I cannot sign in. The instructions from Yahoo are simply to change connections related to proxies to go around the firewall. I have tried all possibilities but nothing works. I have added https// as part of trusted sites in the Internet Connections area but I still can’t connect. I have run out of ideas on my own on how to fix the problem.

A: If you are having difficulty getting Yahoo Messenger to connect to the Yahoo servers, the first thing you should do is completely uninstall the application and perform a fresh install. You can either use Add/Remove Programs in the Windows Control Panel to remove Yahoo Messenger (and all other Yahoo applications), or you can use a free application like Revo Uninstaller to completely remove the application. Then you can download the newest version of Yahoo Messenger and install it.

If the fresh install of Yahoo Messenger still does not solve your problem, you may need to adjust the settings on your firewall. Yahoo Messenger requires certain ports on your firewall to be open. They provide instructions on adjusting both your proxy and firewall settings so Yahoo Messenger can work properly. You may also choose to change the settings on your router to place your PC in DMZ mode, which should allow all traffic to get through to your PC. Using a DMZ will open your PC up to more security risks, so make sure to install a software firewall and anti virus software ahead of time.