Reduced Speed Over USB

by on August 29, 2007

Q: I purchased a pre-owned Dell laptop with Windows XP and when I plug in my Epson Stylus Photo printer in I get a message saying that it will run at reduced speed because I don’t have a high speed USB host. I have gone to the device manager and there is a question mark on the device to mark it as unknown. I have followed the directions in the hardware troubleshooter to try to add it but I am unable to find the driver. Can you please help?

A: If your PC has USB 2.0 ports (check the documentation before assuming it does), it will give you messages about reduced transfer speeds if your USB controller is not recognized as being USB 2.0. You must go to the Dell web site and get the proper USB driver for your laptop. Uninstall the old driver and make sure that you install the correct USB driver rather than installing a generic or Windows USB driver. If you cannot find the newest USB 2.0 drivers from the Dell site, contact Dell’s technical support via email and ask them to send you the link to the USB controller drivers that you should be using on your laptop. Once the correct driver is installed, your PCs USB drives should be recognized as USB 2.0. You should be able to plug in the printer and not receive messages about reduced transfer speeds.