Transferring Files from SD Card to Mac

by on August 31, 2007

Q: I would like to get some music off my SD Memory Card. When I try to get the music off using iPhoto it only tells me about the pictures not the music. So is there anyway I can get the music off the SD Memory Card using my OS X?

A: The most efficient way to remove files other than photos from your SD card would be by using a memory card reader. There are a wide variety of Mac compatible memory card readers available which will allow you to mount your memory card in OS X as though it were an external hard drive. Once the card is mounted, you can browse it like any other folder in OS X and copy the files you are looking for directly to your hard drive. Using a memory card reader will allow you to transfer files to your hard drive much quicker than if you were attempting to transfer them through the camera or using third party software.