Video Playback Issues

by on September 1, 2007

Q: I have a problem with playing videos on my computer. I can hear the audio but fail to see any picture. I have tried most players like wpm, VLC, RealPlayer, Divx and all seem to have the same problem. I believe it’s a codec problem and have tried uninstalling the codec’s on my pc and reinstalling from some of the Codec packs I have found online, I even used Codec Sniper to eliminate any broken codec’s it found and still no luck. Please Help!

A: Since the video display problems you are describing are affecting playback in all of the applications you are using, the problem may be your video driver itself. Go to your PC manufacturer’s web site and find the newest video driver available for your PC. Once you have downloaded and installed the new driver, try playing the video again. Try a variety of video types to find out whether or not the new video drivers have resolved the problem. It is possible that some videos may have encoding problems and may not play smoothly on any PC.