Maxtor Personal Storage 3200 Reviews and Information

by on September 2, 2007

Q: I just bought a Maxtor Personal Storage 3200 external 500GB drive for my Toshiba Tecra laptop. I’m seeing mixed reviews on this product. Was it a good purchase?

A: The Maxtor Personal Storage 3200 External USB drive is one of many easy to use backup solutions for the average PC user. Since you purchased the 500GB model, you should have enough space to backup information from multiple PCs or backup your entire hard drive regularly. Maxtor is known for making reliable internal and external storage solutions, and if you search you may be able to find more information from other users about their experience with the drive. has several reviews of this device, and multiple people have complained that it lacks a power button, which is an inconvenience. Other than that there aren’t a lot of negative comments about the device.

In the future you can use, Consumer Reports, and to read reviews about devices before you purchase them. If you receive a device and you are unhappy with it within the first few days of buying it, take advantage of the company’s buyer’s remorse policy and return it for a refund before you get stuck with it.