Questions About RAM Limits

by on September 11, 2007

Q: I have an HP Pavilion a620n with 1GB of Ram and when I read the specifications it says that is the max. I was wondering what would happen if I installed 2 GB.

A: If the PC Specifications from HP document that 1GB of RAM is the maximum amount of memory, that is all the PC will recognize. You may be able to fit larger RAM modules into the PC, but the system will fail to recognize it, or the full size of the RAM will not be recognized. If your PC is old enough to have such a low maximum amount of RAM, it is unlikely that it could take advantage of large amounts of RAM anyway.

2 Responses to “Questions About RAM Limits”

    Well I installed the 2 GB and the system recognized it, i am just wondering, does that mean they aren’t useful or what? Does it not affect it? cause i have noticed that when i play games with heavy graphics that they don’t get errors..


    You should have no problem installing it, assuming the ram is compatible. The issue is, will the system recognize it.

    You are saying it does, which means that on boot the CMOS does it’s check of the system and instead of 1 GB of RAM you see 2 GB. If that is the case then maybe the document you were looking at was just telling you what the system came with not the max?

    Either way, if it is working enjoy it. If CMOS recognizes it then you will be all set.