No Signal Delivered to Monitor

by on September 16, 2007

Q: What are the top 2 or 3 reasons my computer powers up but the monitor says “no signal input”. Everything was working fine until I got all my cables off the floor and reconnected everything and now my monitor says “no signal input”.

A: There are a few reasons why your monitor would not recognize the signal from your PC. The problem may be as simple as the cable looking like it is connected but it is not. This happens a lot when wires are moved and you should remove the video cable that goes from the monitor to the computer and reconnect it. Sometimes the cable can also be removed from the monitor end as well so make sure to check both ends by taking them both off and putting them back on.

If double and triple checking the video cable did not work then you will need to make sure your video card is firmly plugged into your PCs motherboard. It is possible that while moving your computer around the card got moved a little and it is now unable to transmit video to your monitor. I would open the PC and make sure that your video card is plugged firmly into the motherboard. If you have a motherboard with an integrated video card, you should review the documentation that came with your computer and follow the steps they prescribe for troubleshooting video issues. To rule out the video card as the cause of the problem you will need to plug in a different monitor and see if the video signal works.

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    Another cause I found out could effect trasmission of the signal is RAM. Try removing one RAM card and see if your signal returns if not replace that card and remove the other. Unfortunately this did not correct my problem and I am worried that after reading other articles on this same issue it may be my motherboard. It seems to lose the signal at random times as well. Sometimes the PC will work for hours before the signal is lost. I’ve tried reloading every driver that I know or found out could cause such a problem and still nothing. I would appreciate any help or advice given.