Sharing QuickBooks Files Across a Network

by on September 18, 2007

Q: There are two computers in my office and we need to be able to share our QB files. What’s the easiest and least expensive way to connect them? I’m not a geek but my son and husband are geek wannabes. The problem is getting them to actually do this for me so I hope you can suggest a solution that I can run with myself.

A: The easiest way to share your QuickBooks files among different PCs would be to put the file in a directory and share it on your windows network. This will only work well if all of the PCs are on the same LAN, and if only one person has the file open at a time. Microsoft provides a detailed guide on file sharing in Windows XP.

If your QuickBooks files are very large, it could be difficult and time consuming to open them over the network. You may be better off putting the files on a network PC, and enabling access to it via Remote Desktop. If anyone on the network needs to access a QuickBooks file, they would use Remote Desktop to connect to the machine the file resides on and run QuickBooks directly on that machine. If you limit this machine to one Remote Desktop connection, then you will ensure that only one person can use the file at a time, and it will be less likely that the file could get corrupted.