PC Restarts Maintenance and DVD Burning

by on September 20, 2007

Q: Why does my computer, running Windows XP, restart every time I try to run a virus scan, disc cleanup, or burn a DVD?

A: If your PC is restarting itself every time you try to run a number of programs, Windows XP may be in need of serious maintenance or repair. Before trying anything drastic, like repairing or re-installing Windows XP, try to perform basic maintenance. Run Windows Update and make sure that all of the available updates for Windows XP have been installed on your PC. Try to defragment your hard drive, uninstall any junk applications, and run an anti-spyware scan with Adaware or Spybot Search and Destroy.

After you have done some rudimentary cleaning, try running your virus scanner or disc cleanup again. If your PC continues to reboot when you try to run specific applications, try re-installing the applications (anti-virus and DVD burning) that cause the PC to reboot. If that fails to resolve the issue, consider running a Repair Installation of Windows XP. Make sure you back up all of your important information before you attempt the Repair Installation even though it should not delete your personal information and settings. When Windows XP is repaired, all of the system files will be replaced which should fix any Operating System issues.