Removing Personal Documents From A Second Hand PC

by on September 20, 2007

Q: I was given a nice desktop running Windows XP and I would like to remove all the files associated with the previous owner like My Pictures, My Documents, etc. Is there an easy way to do this?

A: The best and safest way to configure your new computer would be to reformat the hard drive and reinstall Windows XP. Make sure that you back up all of your information to CD, DVD, flash drive, or external hard drive before you begin. You will need to get the original CDs that came with the PC along with the documentation, and follow the instructions on reinstalling the operating system. If you need additional support, or if you do not still have the CDs and documentation that came with your PC, contact the manufacturer through their web site or via phone. They should be able to replace your CDs and documentation, and walk you through the process of returning the PC to its original state.