Available Video Card Resolutions

by on September 21, 2007

Q: I just set up my Philips 23″ LCD TV to use a monitor to my HP pavilion computer. The TV prompts me to use a display resolution of 1280 X 768. I checked all modes available in my computer and the closest I can get is 1024 x768. Is there any update I can download to get the best resolution for my display?

A: LCD TVs, unlike LCD Monitors, are not optimized for close range viewing, which is why they cannot handle some of the higher resolutions your video card is designed to accommodate. Furthermore, this particular monitor has a widescreen aspect ratio. Older video cards and video card drivers were not designed to accommodate widescreen displays. You could try going to your video card manufacturer’s web site and downloading the newest video driver available. This may give you a wider variety of resolutions to choose from, but your video card may not be able to accommodate a widescreen resolution of 1280×768. You may want to research new video cards that might be able to provide you with a better selection of available resolutions.