Removing Prism Deploy

by on September 23, 2007

Q: I recently acquired a laptop running Windows XP that belonged to a company network. I’m trying to clear the hard drive of any unnecessary programs, many of them company-specific, but I want to keep several of the standard programs. It appears that all of the programs were installed under “prism deploy” and I’m not familiar with this program.

A: Prism Deploy is a suite of applications that allows Network Administrators to remotely install Operating Systems and applications on PCs all over their network. It is unlikely that you will be able to remove any of the installed applications without rejoining that PC to its original network and having the Network Administrator remove them. Furthermore, by using the Operating System and applications that are still installed on that PC and not personally owning the licenses for that software, you are most likely violating the License Agreements from the software manufacturers. This could cause problems for both you and the company this PC formerly belonged to in the long run. You should contact the PC manufacturer and try to obtain a set of the original Operating System CDs that came with that particular model of PC, and restore it to its original state. You will then be able to legally purchase the individual software packages you need and install them on your PC.