How to Convert SVG Files to JPEGs

by on September 24, 2007

An Into Tomorrow listener submitted the following question!

Q: I run Windows on my computer and am trying to figure out how to convert an SVG file, from Inkscape, to a JPG file so I can upload them onto the internet.

A: The easiest way to convert SVG files to JPG files would be to use a converter. provides a web based file converter that will allow you to convert SVG files to JPG, PNG, or TIFF files. You could also do a Google search for SVG to JPG converter and you will find a variety of applications capable of doing the conversion. The vast majority of them, however, are not free. You will need to determine whether or not you need to purchase one for your purposes.

One Response to “How to Convert SVG Files to JPEGs”

    The easiest way is to use inkscape’s export to bitmap command (File->Export Bitmap), which will produce png files, which tend to work better for logos and line-art, well, most stuff except for photos. It’s much quicker than using an external program.

    If you really want a jpg, the gimp can convert the svg or png for you