Difficulty Replacing CD/DVD Drive

by on September 25, 2007

Q: I installed a replacement CD/DVD writer unit as a replacement for my DVD/CD-ROM drive that bit the dust. My computer does not recognize the new drive and it also does not find the CD burner that was attached either. My computer runs Windows XP and any help would be greatly appreciated.

A: There are a few things you need to check to make sure that your drives will show up in Windows. First you need to make sure that the new drive you installed is jumpered correctly. The documentation that came with the drive should tell you how to place the jumpers on the drive depending on where you plug it into the IDE chain. You will want to try to remember the best you can, if you removed the IDE cable from your CD burner and if you did you will want to try to set that cable up the way it was previously.

You will want to double-check your CD burner to make sure it has the correct jumper settings. If both of them are plugged into the same IDE cable, only one can be jumpered as the Master device, while the other device would need to be configured as a Slave or Cable Select. Follow the instructions that came with your new CD/DVD writer to adjust the settings accordingly. You should also make sure that the IDE cable is plugged tightly into the motherboard and into each of the devices connecting to it. If you need additional assistance, contact Dell support and they should be able to walk you through it on the phone. If you are still having difficulty or require additional assistance, there are technicians at Best Buy, Circuit City, and CompUSA who will be able to assist you for a fee.